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Birthday Cakes are special occasion and finding the perfect cake for a love one is a must.

Everyone should be able to feel special for their birthday, what's a better way to celebrate another year of life. All the kids' faces that come into the bakery to pick up their birthday cakes are priceless. Especially the little girls that picked up their princess cakes, they said they felt like a little princess that day. For the little boy, they loved their Thomas the Train cakes, and also those dinosaurs and volcano cakes.

All Toy must provide by customer or it will add $2.00 - $10.00 to your cake's price

1/8Sheet (8"X6") Serve up to 12 guests : $38.95

1/4Sheet(8"X12") Serve up to 24 Guests: $54.95

1/2Sheet (12"X16") Serve up to 50 Guests: $90.95

3/4Sheet(16"X18") Serve up to 75 guests: $135.95

Full Sheet(24"X16") Serve up to 100 guests:$175.95   

Looking for more pictures of Birthday Cakes with Toys please  "Click here "

Birthday Cake With Toys

BirthDay Cake - Toys 001

BirthDay Cake - Toys 002

BirthDay Cake - Toys 003

BirthDay Cake - Toys 004

BirthDay Cake - Toys 005

BirthDay Cake - Toys 006

BirthDay Cake - Toys 007

BirthDay Cake - Toys 008

BirthDay Cake - Toys 009

BirthDay Cake - Toys 010

BirthDay Cake - Toys 011

BirthDay Cake - Toys 012

BirthDay Cake - Toys 013

BirthDay Cake - Toys 014

BirthDay Cake - Toys 015

BirthDay Cake - Toys 016
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